Amplifying and Extending ChemStation

    Your research depends on efficient use of reliable instruments. ChemLaunch™ streamlines your work to save you time with new capabilities that deliver unmatched data access, control, and protection. ChemLaunch is the only solution that can give you remote access to every feature of Agilent Technologies OpenLAB ChemStation™ on any instrument along with MassHunter, UV-Vis ChemStation and optional OpenLAB ECM integration.

    ChemLaunch is a server-based solution that gives you more time for creative tasks by reducing trips to the lab. With system authorization, you can use any workstation on your LAN or WAN to remotely run ChemStation. Securely monitor experiments in any lab at any site, as well as share instruments with colleagues - worldwide. ChemLaunch frees you from significant logistical overhead to help you maximize your progress and improve collaboration.

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