Agilent provides solutions and technologies that revolutionize the way people live and work... to make dreams real.
    Agilent is a leading provider of life sciences and analytical instrument systems to scientists in life sciences, pharmaceutical, environmental and chemical industries, worldwide. The company offers scientists the range of instruments, systems and services needed for success in acquiring and interpreting genetic and chemical information - from sample handling, to analysis to data management and reporting. We are committed to providing superior standards-based technology, designed for maximum productivity, cost effectiveness and ease in complying with regulatory requirements. ChemLaunch is designed exclusively to integrate with Agilent's ChemStation families of products.

    Software that allows easy and secure access to information and applications.
    Enabling the On-Demand Enterprise: Citrix Systems, Inc. was founded in 1989 with a vision that continues to guide the company today: to simplify information access. This vision has been translated into the Citrix MetaFrame Access Suite, an integrated set of enterprise access infrastructure products that provide secure, easy access to comprehensive information resources from any location, device or connection, and simplify management, monitoring and measurement in heterogeneous computing environments. With more than 120,000 customers and nearly 50 million users worldwide, Citrix is the most trusted name in enterprise access. ChemLaunch utilizes the Metaframe Access Suite for providing unrivaled security and access and control of Agilent's Analytical Instruments.

    Powerful end-to-end management, reliability, and scalability features that provide the best foundation for integrating your business with the Internet.
    The Microsoft server products offer a comprehensive range of solutions for building an integrated and flexible business infrastructure. From messaging and collaboration to database management, and from e-commerce to mobile information access, Microsoft servers offer the scalability, reliability, and manageability today's agile businesses need to remain competitive. ChemLaunch builds upon Microsoft's server platforms as a responsive and robust operating system.

    Digital business transformation is creating new opportunities and risks in every industry. VMware helps IT become Brave New IT with our One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device architecture.
    VMware’s One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device architecture enables customers to rapidly develop, automatically deliver, and safely consume all applications. Built on the foundation of the Software-Defined Data Center—which fully automates the virtualized infrastructure of compute, storage, networking and security—this software-defined approach enables customers to implement unified hybrid cloud and fully realized business mobility.